Welcome to the Euromedicpoland, a site dedicated to the rehabilitation of drug addicts through dual diagnosis rehab as well as other rehab processes. We implement various techniques that help our patients to get over their addiction and return to normal life.



The physiological analysis is one of our services, and it helps us see what kind of mental damage the addiction caused.
The physical analysis is another service that helps us determine the extent the physical harm caused by the drug abuse.

group therapy


Group sessions are a part of a service that helps our patients and us to check the extent of the social damage the addiction has created.
Treatment of the cause of the addiction is how we approach every case, and long talks with a psychologist are crucial for it.


Dual diagnosis rehab is a complex process that addresses both the addiction and the mental issues of a patient. The first part of this process is the identification of the connection between substance abuse and mental illness. The second part of the healing involves the addressing of the cause that led to the addiction.



What they say about Dual Diagnosis

  • “My father had mental issues for a long time, and he tried to find the salvation through drugs. That caused even more problems. Thankfully Euromedicpoland was there to help him get over the addiction and to learn how to cope with his illness”


  • “Dealing with drug addiction is hard, especially if your family has a history of mental illnesses. I approached Euromedicpoland because I had a problem and I wanted a solution”


  • “My friend started using drugs and that caused some mental issues to arise. His addiction expanded as the mental illness progressed and if there weren’t for Euromedicpoland then I wouldn’t have a friend anymore”


  • “Drugs are bad, and I realized that only when they started causing mental issues. I contacted the Euromedicpoland and applies to dual diagnosis rehab because I realized that they are the ones that can help me get over my problems”


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