What are you supposed to know about the dual diagnosis?

You may not be familiar enough with this combination of mental illness and a substance addiction, but we are sure that you know this is happening very often. This phenomenon is mentioned in the medicine world all the time, and we think it is important for you to get some basic information about it.
Let’s say that you have a friend or a cousin who is barely dealing with some drug addiction, and on the other side, you know a bunch of people who are suffering from mental illnesses. But how often do you see a combination of these two problems? You may not get to see this so often, but trust us, it is happening all around the world. The studies show that more than 50% of people who are suffering from drug addiction also deal with some mental disorder.

How do we treat dual diagnosis?

First of all, you need to know that this disorder happens in many different forms, just like almost every other health disorder. If we are talking about some more serious mental illness or a disorder such as depression and anxiety, it is normal that it appears in combination with drug addiction, but it can also appear individually. We are talking about many different forms of dual diagnosis, and of course, it all depends on a patient’s condition, etc.

You are probably having a lot of questions about dual diagnosis treatment and rehab, so let’s get started with it. Of course, this disorder is complicated to deal with, but before we continue, you must be ready to believe it is possible truly. And the reason why this disorder is so hard to be treated is that we are usually having some trouble with knowing what causes it and where the symptoms come from. Just imagine that somebody is dealing with anxiety disorder. Do you think drug addiction can only cause it? Of course not. Many different causative agents can cause anxiety or depression, and the most important thing is to work with professionals to solve the problem.

How risky can this be?

Obviously, dealing with only a mental illness is hard enough, but a combination of drug addiction and mental illness can be deadly. If you have a dual diagnosis patient in your life, do not be surprised to see some suicidal tendencies there. You have to understand these patients, no matter how hard it is for you. There is no place for judging here; you just need to try to help them. Make sure you know that they need professional help, and there is no way to handle it on their own.
Also, there is a huge possibility that a mental illness patient has a tendency to start taking drugs as a solution for his problems, which naturally causes an addiction and becomes a way bigger disorder to treat.
It is important to know that dual diagnosis rehab takes so much effort and time, but it is possible to get the help that will save your life and aid other people around you to continue with theirs. Do not wait any longer to ask for help!